Abhijit Majumdar has been a renowned journalist for 23 years. He is the former managing editor of Mail Today. He has also served as the Executive Editor of Mid Day and Resident Editor of Hindustan Times, Delhi. Majumadar played key editorial roles in Times of India and DNA. He is very active on social media with more than 500,000 Twitter followers.
ابیجیت مجرم

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مسله 02, 2019 پرمختګ بریالیتوب

ټوله نړۍ د 900 میلیونو رایه ورکوونکو په یادولو سره ګوته په غاښ ول چې دوي په یو لوی عمل سره د 2019 کال د عمومي ټولټاکنو له لارې د....

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