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Número 04, 2019

India has always been considered a treasure trove of experiences, vibrant cultures, artistic heritage, beautiful vistas and scientific skill. With this edition of India Perspectives, we endevour to expand the preexisting horizons as we look at the massive strides taken by India towards development; even in space with the innovative IRNSS (Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System) or as it is was titled by the Prime Minister, NavIC (Navigation with the Indian constellation).

With the rapidly changing global scenario, the diplomatic relationships among Asian countries, particularly, the partnerships with China, have never been more important. We travel to China with our External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar and our experts analysing the relevance of the visit, which is toted to be the precursor to the second India-China informal summit. We also travel with the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Houston, USA for a grand reception at the ‘Howdy Modi’ event and then head to New York for the 74th UN General Assembly summit.

We then head to the country’s western region to witness firsthand, the beautiful tradition of Pichwai paintings that depict tales from Lord Krishna’s life. Following it up, we travel to the largest riverine island in the world, Majuli in Assam and experience living amongst a community of master mask-makers. With American super model Rachel Hunter, we journey to Rishikesh and Varanasi as she takes a soothing retreat around the country’s spiritual hotbeds. We look at the very informative community cookbooks, that not just list different recipes but also preserve the culinary traditions of these communities lest they be lost with changing times.

Over the years, Hindi cinema or Bollywood as it is popularly called, has managed to make its mark across the world with film screenings across all major cinematic events. We analyse its impact on the global film industry. For our photo-feature, we take you across the country with autumn officially marking the advent of India’s festive season and numerous religious and cultural events being celebrated in different parts of the country. With trekking becoming one of the most sought-after modes of adventure-travel, we speak with the organisations that are leading the fight to keep our beautiful and majestic Himalayas clean, green and litter-free for the generations to come.

Finally, we speak to India’s brave hearts, people who despite their physical injuries and traumas, rose to become motivational icons and achieve success in all walks of life. We also examine the growth that was initiated by India’s vast network of roads including its new age network of National Highways that is boosting trade and commerce throughout the country.

Raveesh Kumar