The Ministry Speaks

The Ministry Speaks June 12, 2019

The Ministry Speaks

With India making massive strides towards becoming a digitally empowered nation, we would, with this edition of India Perspectives, like to introduce the new digital version and our new domain, The website will also serve as an archive of all the previous editions and will bring all your favourite stories, just a click away.

In this brand new and digitalised issue, we begin by revisiting some of the biggest additions to our foreign policy with bureaucrats who served with various Indian missions and look at the BIMSTEC association of Bay of Bengal countries. We also take a trip down memory lane and travel back to Wuhan in China as we summarise the relations between India and China since the informal summit in April 2018.

India’s global image has changed dramtically over the last decade and we travel to IIT Madras to catch up with some of the brigtest minds who have been a part of the drive to make the country better. We also look at how various online streaming platforms have emerged as the new entertainment destination and has an exponentially growing audience. Another aspect that has managed to attract global attention is the increasingly easy access for foreign investment in India, a change brought about by some much-awaited policy changes and facilitating,government-backed organisations like Invest India.

We also revel in the success of the two premier, scientific institutions in the country, the ISRO and the DRDO. ISRO successfully launched the EMISAT into an orbit around the earth along with 28 international customer satellites as its payload, whereas, the DRDO, with the near perfect deployment of a special rocket entered the group of select countries that have antisatellite and ballistec defence systems.With the Rabi harvest, we travel to different parts in India in our photo feature section and experience the thrill of multiple harvest festivals which are very different from each other and yet so similar.

We then head to the coastal states of Karnataka, Goa and Kerala with seasoned travellers in search of wellness ideas that provide relaxation for the mind, body and soul.Finally, we experience the upcoming trends that have all but redefined the Indian culinary space with interesting albeit delectable gastronomical experiments.

We also travel back to the national capital and walk amongst the lanes of the Lodhi Colony, one of the first amongst many public art districts that have been identified across India.We invite you to experience the new and improved version of India Perspectives and hope that you enjoy browsing through it.

Raveesh Kumar

Official Spokesperson, Ministry of External Affairs, India

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