The Ministry Speaks

The Ministry speaks

Issue 03, 2019

The Ministry speaks

India Perspectives |author

Issue 03, 2019


As millions of Indians came out as one to cast their votes in what has been rightly called, one of the biggest festivals of democracy, we look at what the defining results of this massive mandate might mean for stable and transparent governance. We then travel to Osaka in Japan, the venue for the 2019 G20 summit, to understand the resolute stand and innovative approach that presents India’s new and improved image to the global diplomatic community. We also analyse how the country’s foreign policy has managed to adapt with a rapidly changing multi-lateral diplomatic scenario in the 21st century.

India’s association with art stems from an artistic heritage going back many centuries, a heritage that has been almost perfectly preserved as it was carefully passed on from one generation to next. A heritage that has managed to capture global attention as it is expertly curated and showcased by the Indian Pavilion at the 2019 Venice biennale. We then journey home to experience the beautiful cultural ancestry of Kolkata; the Lucknawi heritage of the Bengali capital is a testament to Wajid Ali Shah, the Nawab of Awadh and we let the Nawab’s great-great grandson, Shehenshan Mirza guide us through Kolkata’s mini-Lucknow.

We revisit the various theatrical and cinematic performances that made late Girish Karnad, an actor, writer and playwright, the people’s champion and then travel to New York for the annual Indian Film Festival that showcased India’s cinematic brilliance to the world.

For our photo section, we take a short trip around the world on the occasion of the International Day of Yoga and experience the many hues of its global observance. We then accompany celebrity chef Sarah Todd as she allows delicious food to take over and guide her through a delectable tour of the beautiful and vibrant city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

We retrace the journey of a traditional fabric called Mashru, which has, over the years been rediscovered as a graceful textile encompassing the comfort of cotton and the elegance of silk. We then look at the recent advancements and achievements of Indian youth at the global shooting arena with Olympic bronze medlar Gagan Narang.

Finally, we talk to some of the biggest entrepreneurs that have fueled India’s economic growth by their visionary ideals and unquenchable ambition. We also understand how the design mentality of every Indian is different and yet so similar. As one of the oldest civilisations, we try and grasp how centuries worth of intellectual advances have defined ‘Indian designs’.

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