From Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Kolkata to Jaipur, the travel section takes readers through the most beautiful destinations in India. The section carries personal travel memoirs of acclaimed travellers.

Indian Perscpectives
Vinayak Surya Swami

Stories of solitude

Issue 05, 2019 Travel

Nature has been harshly benevolent to Spiti - a small valley in Himachal Pradesh - that is a stark yet surreal paradise, divided by the jagged peaks of snow-capped Himalayas and united by steep mountain passes. With this in mind,....

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india perspectives
Rachel Hunter

A Pilgrim’s Progress

Issue 04, 2019 Travel

It was back in 2015 when I was filming the television series Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty, that I landed in New Delhi late one night. As I walked outside the airport, my mind was filled with excitement; I couldn’t wait to e....

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Sarah Todd

Flavours of Amdavad

Issue 03, 2019 Travel

I can hear the waters of the Sabarmati river gurgling as it flows in the distance. Above me, on a high branch two birds break into a song as a gust of wind sweeps over, bearing the promise of rains. I am standing in the peaceful gr....

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Mariellene Ward

Seeking wellness

Issue 02, 2019 Travel

It was on my first trip to India, back in 2005, that I discovered the charm of the southern regions of India. Travelling solo, I landed in Delhi but once winter set in, I flew southwards, in the search of a warmer clime, to Koval....

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