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India Perspectives

India’s Cardel of Military Leadership

Issue 01, 2021 Success

One of the premier and highly-decorated military training institutes in India, the National Defence Academy (NDA) was founded on October 6, 1949. It was amongst the first training academie....

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Dr Mohit Sharma

Farm support

Issue 05, 2020 Success

India is blessed with the heritage of varied agro-climatic conditions, which offer enormous varieties of agricultural and horticultural products. As the agrarian economy of the coun....

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Devashish Vaid

The much needed check-in

Issue 03, 2020 Success

The Novel Coronavirus has highlighted how caring for others is all that matters. While travel, tourism and hospitality sector took the first and perhaps the hardest hit of the pandemic’s economic impact, even the deadly virus couldn’t keep the ....

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Shrabasti Mallik

Leading by example

Issue 02, 2020 Success

There is no doubt the contemporary Indian woman has undergone a metamorphosis to carve for herself an image, an image that society now sees as a role model. The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, is also a firm believer of t....

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MS Subramanian

Making the Entrepreneur

Issue 01, 2020 Success

Imagine a scenario where a farmer in a remote Indian village is able to check the soil quality of his field and receive location-specific weather forecast before sowing of seeds, or keep track of his livestock remotely, using a m....

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Ishita Goel

Shooting for the stars

Issue 04, 2019 Success

It is not our abilities that define who we are but the choices we make. When adversity strikes ordinary lives – some choose to give up their dreams, while others look at the challenges as stepping stones....

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Patanjali Pundit

Highways To Success

Issue 04, 2019 Success

Human history abounds with examples of human migration involving transport of men and materials from time immemorial pointing to the importance of means of transport. In India, the same importance falls up....

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Patanjali Pundit

The Mandate

Issue 03, 2019 Progress Success

May 2019 will no doubt be remembered as a watershed moment in the history of Indian politics. In India’s electoral history, it is only the third time that a political party has succeeded in winning two consecutive terms with full....

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Abhijit Majumdar

V the people

Issue 02, 2019 Progress Success

Jaws dropped worldwide at the mention of 900 million people choosing a government in one giant exercise as India witnessed the 2019 general elections. The biggest democratic exercise in the world, the Indian general election to constitute the 17th Lo....

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Bharat Thakur

Yoga for a better world

Issue 02, 2019 Success

In India, traditionally, any activity or event, be it a talk, prayer or a meal would end with “Om shanthih shanthih shanthih”, which means “peace to all”. This chant sums up the Indian civilisation’s vision and lasting contribution to world....

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