Arijit Choudhary

Champion of the tribes

Issue 02, 2020 Persona

“This is truly the age where the joota [shoe] is Japani [Japanese], patloon [pants] is Englishtani [British] and the topi [hat] is Roosi [Russian]. But the dil [heart] is always Hindustani (Indian). My country – proud, beautiful, hot, humid, cold....

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Gautam Choubey

Lesson form a Classic

Issue 01, 2020 Persona

In the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi one finds ready roadmaps to meet several challenges. Gandhi saw politics as a vocation that sought to serve humanity through principles and practices tha....

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Ministry of External Affairs
Aarti Kapur Singh

More than Just a star

Issue 05, 2019 Persona

His blood, toil, tears and sweat won him India’s most prestigious award for cinematic brilliance, the coveted National Film Award for Best Actor (which he shared with Vicky Kaushal for U....

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MK Raina

The public intellectual India will miss

Issue 03, 2019 Persona

In 1966, the National School of Drama (NSD) performed an Urdu translation of a never-heard-of Kannada play Tughlaq, written by Girish Karnad. It was the first ever production of the play, in a language it wasn’t even written in, ....

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