India is on its way to become the world's youngest country with innovative ideas that have paved the way for the nation's holistic development. Read stories of young innovators and change makers who are using their ideas to shape up India.

Dr Raghavendra Rao

Immunity the natural way

Issue 02, 2020 Innovation

The human body to a great extent is a self-regulating, preserving, repairing and maintaining entity. Nature has designed the human body with an inherent capability to heal and provided the natural laws of healing are allowed to operate, our health is....

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Parameswaran Iyer

The big switch

Issue 01, 2020 Innovation

In his maiden address to the nation on August 12, 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his concerns about the issue of open defecation in India, becoming the first PM of the country to do so, on a national platform. In hi....

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Ishita Goel

A Journey of Light

Issue 05, 2019 Innovation

In a small school tucked away in Bihar, the ringing of a bell announces the beginning of classes. As students scramble to the classroom, you can see them carrying used tin cans, cracked glass jars, wires of all sorts and a motley....

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Vinayak Surya Swami

From geeky teens to saviours

Issue 02, 2019 Innovation

As India leapfrogs into the digital era, one of the biggest challenges is to develop the means required for holistic development. Even with major advancements, the country’s infrastructure still exhibits immense possibilities for technological rati....

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