India is blessed with a rich heritage. From the world’s tallest brick minaret to the second largest dome in the word, the country is home to some of the greatest architectural wonders of the world. Explore the grand monuments of India in this section.

Vinayak Surya Swami

Music for the new decade

Issue 01, 2020 Art Heritage

The chugging of a local train, the honking of traffic, sounds of people coughing or sneezing, or even answering their mobile phones... Melody is being created around us all the time. I believe it was when recording was formally i....

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Vikramjit Singh

Making every drop count

Issue 01, 2020 Heritage

The stunning architectural beauty of Ugrasen ki Baoli (also called Agrasen ki Baoli) in the heart of New Delhi is among the top 10 sites to visit in the city. This 14th century baoli (stepwell) with three storeys connected by 108....

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Amish Tripathi

The Rarity of a Living Culture

Issue 05, 2019 Heritage

So, what is truth? “satyameva jayate”, says the Mundaka Upanishad. Truth alone prevails. Who would disagree? As the ancients would remark, “nissandeha....

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Indian Perscpectives
Dr Rajiv Rastog

Schooled in Yoga

Issue 05, 2019 Heritage

Yoga, the ancient Indian science of overall wellness, is amongst the six great Indian philosophies. In recent times, yoga has gained immense international popularity, due to its strengths in preventive, promotive and curative hea....

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india perspectives
Anurag Mallick & Priya Ganapathy

The Masketeers of Majuli

Issue 04, 2019 Heritage

The boat we were on seemed intent on breaking a record for carrying passengers. With easily over a hundred people on board along with three dozen bikes and a few cars, the boat slowly chugged across the Br....

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Ayandrali Dutta

The Nawab’s Kolkata

Issue 03, 2019 Heritage

Four decades ago, when Oscar award winning director Satyajit Ray homed in on the imambara at Metiabruz on the outskirts of Kolkata, to shoot extensively for his iconic film Shatranj Ke Khiladi (which was released in 1977), it was p....

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