Vandana Bhandari

Woven in tradition

Issue 05, 2020 Fashion

Be it the eponymous textile of Sikkim’s Lepcha tribe, the Muga weaves of Assam or the Bomkai textile woven in Odisha’s Bomkai village - indigenous textiles are not just an integral part of the demography they hail from but al....

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Priya Rana

The art of the block

Issue 01, 2020 Fashion

Bagru, located around 30 km from Jaipur, is a quintessential small Indian town, with winding lanes lined by simple houses, where doors are hardly ever closed and where neighbours are more ....

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Ishita Goel

A weave revived

Issue 03, 2019 Fashion

A 500-year-old living tradition that tells the tale of the ingenuity of the weavers of yore. A luxurious yardage that hides in every warp and weft stories of kings and communities, of battles fought and kingdoms lost. That’s the ....

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Priya Rana

The forgotten weave

Issue 02, 2019 Fashion

It’s akin to the search for the Holy Grail but of a rare handloom weave of India, khun or khana. Traditionally favoured by women in north Karnataka and some parts of Marathwada and Vidharbha regions in Maharashtra, this light-weight cotton or cotto....

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