India has one of the world's fastest-growing economies. This section focusses on the developments in the Indian economy and what makes India an opportune land to invest in.

Vinayak Surya Swami

Turning the tables

Issue 03, 2020 Economy

With the advent of the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, a new world economic order is emerging and nations are just coming to terms with it. Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has been quick in this realisation and has accordingly al....

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Bibek Debroy

Towards a higher growth trajectory

Issue 01, 2020 Economy

Over the past few years, India has often been tagged as one of the fastest growing world economies, a scenario that looks even brighter when pitted against the global economic slowdown. Th....

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S K Munjal

Investing in our culture

Issue 05, 2019 Economy

Historically, India has had a rich tradition of cultural patronage. From ornate temple architecture under the Chola kings to the legendary musician Tansen, who was attached to the court of Mughal emperor Akbar, Indian cultural he....

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Rashmi Bansal

Yes, we all can

Issue 03, 2019 Economy

India is a land of bold thinkers. I am amazed by the ambition and aspiration visible in even the tiniest hamlet of the country. There is hope and optimism, despite hardships. Much of it is fuelled by new vistas opened by the govern....

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Nitin Belle Rao

The impact of Invest India

Issue 02, 2019 Economy

With the country ushering in an era best-suited for foreign investments, numerous multi national corporations are pleasantly surprised with the ‘New India Experience’. The investment drive has been fuelled by multiple government schemes focussing....

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