It’s tough to imagine India without its mouthwatering cuisines. The section takes readers through the diverse range of delicacies from all corners of the country and the trends that are raging in Indian kitchens.

Sanjeev Kapoor

India the spice bowl of the world

Issue 02, 2021 Cuisine

India is popular for myriad aspects, including its traditions, rich heritage and diverse culinary styles. People from outside the country are extremely curious about the “secret” ingredients used in Indian dishes that make th....

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Gita Hari

Scarlet strands

Issue 01, 2021 Cuisine

Touted to be one of the most expensive spices in the world, saffron (Crocus sativus), popularly known as kesar, is the golden-hued stigma of the purple crocus flower. Each crocus bears up to four flowers, each with three stigmas.....

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Thomas Zacharias

A Plateful of Traditions

Issue 06, 2020 Cuisine

Christmas is one time of the year the Christian community looks forward to the most. It is the day when families gather to celebrate the birth of Christ, attend midnight masses and gorge o....

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Gita Hari

Pure sweetness

Issue 05, 2020 Cuisine

Come winter and gur or jaggery comes into focus in Indian kitchens, finding its way into numerous recipes. Be it gur ki roti (jaggery-filled flatbread), gur ka halwa (semolina dessert cooked with jaggery), khatti meethi phaliyan (a Gujarati specialty....

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Pallavi Nigam Sahay

The Bhojpuri feast

Issue 04, 2020 Cuisine

Masala tel chodhne tak bhunjna. (Sauté the spices till of your pan).” This was my mother- in-law’s advice on my first day in a traditional kitchen in Patna, capital of the state of Bihar. I still remember m....

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Kavita Devgan

The Cooling Meal

Issue 03, 2020 Cuisine

An ice-cream or an iced drink is what most will turn to during summer to beat the heat. But are these food items ahealthy solution in lowering our body temperature? Their initial cooling effect is quickly replaced by heat that the metabolic functions....

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Gita Hari

Spice up your Immunity

Issue 02, 2020 Cuisine

According to ancient Indian texts, aushadham ucchyathe sarvam, which means food is the absolute cure and healer. Traditionally, in Indian cuisine, vegetables and spices are used in a dish according to their nutritional benefits and their ability to s....

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Munaf Kapadia

A plateful of Tradition

Issue 01, 2020 Cuisine

When I was about 10 years old, I was asked by a classmate what religion I belonged to. I responded by saying I am a Bohri Muslim. My classmate probed further and asked what that meant and I had nothing more to add. When I returne....

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Ministry of External Affairs
Sangeeta Khanna

Tribal Flavours

Issue 05, 2019 Cuisine

The menu of the day was dal, rice and tungrymbai. While the first two, staples at almost all Indian homes, were familiar, it was the third that roused my curiosity. I was on the outskirts ....

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