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India Perspectives

Canvas of History

Issue 06 Art

Through times immemorial, man has sought relief and meaning in art, and India has led the way with some of the most fascinating forms discovered through the centuries. Paintings with text sketches, multiple aesthetics and anecdotal accounts suggest t....

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India Perspectives

Architecture of Awe

Issue 06 Art

If detailed, delicate design and timeless architecture infused with poetry fascinate you, Shekhawati in Rajasthan is sure to delight your senses. Located just 165 km from the Pink City of Jaipur, the Shekhawati region, consisting....

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Bhagyasri Sahoo

The art of the gods

Issue 02, 2021 Art

India’s artistic heritage is rich and diverse with almost every region of the country steeped in its own distinct style of creative expression – from Bihar’s Madhubani painting and Maharashtra’s Warli art to Rajasthan’s....

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Fusion Beats

Issue 05, 2020 Art

Music transcends the barriers of geography and language. It unites people across the globe as multiple genres, artistes and styles merge to keep the excitement flowing. One of the most interesting genres that not only thrills music aficionados but al....

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Ishita Goel

Playing Through the Pandemic

Issue 03, 2020 Art

This year on June 21, two major events, the International Day of Yoga (IDY) and the World Music Day, saw millions participate in a virtual celebration. As IDY 2020 was observed with the theme Ghar Ghar se Yoga (yoga from home), music lovers across th....

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Vinayak Surya Swami

Music for the new decade

Issue 01, 2020 Art Heritage

The chugging of a local train, the honking of traffic, sounds of people coughing or sneezing, or even answering their mobile phones... Melody is being created around us all the time. I believe it was when recording was formally i....

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Poonam Goel

Where the Blue Lord Resides

Issue 04, 2019 Art

Where else can you find the perfect harmony of beauty and devotion except a pichvai (pichwai) painting? Pichvai painting, commonly known as pichvai, is an ancient Indian art form originating from Nathdwara....

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Georgina Maddox

The art of the matter

Issue 03, 2019 Art

Mahatma Gandhi never travelled to Venice. Not until 2019, when Indian artists journeyed to the eternally romantic Italian city with works inspired by Gandhiji’s philosophy of peace and non-violence. This year, after a hiatus of e....

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Shaleen Wadhwana

The walls that speak

Issue 02, 2019 Art

A flute seller stands by the roadside selling his ware; a sardarji sits behind a pile of books reading a newspaper; a little distance away a shopkeeper keeps an eye on her spread of sweets even as a cow indolently stares... There seems to be nothing ....

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