India at Osaka: Strong and balanced

From digital trade and anti-corruption regulations, and environmental policies to economic advancements, India took a strong stand at the Osaka G20 Su....

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Bhaswati Mukherjee
Issue 03, 2019
india perspectives

Friends in the East

India’s Act East Policy focusses on the extended neighbourhood in the Asia-Pacific region. The policy, which was originally conceived as an economic....

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Anil Wadhwa
Issue 04, 2019

Photo Gallery


Seeds of Wellness

These tiny packages of nutrition and taste have been used in Indian cuisine since ages. Today, they are being rediscovered as a superfood. Seasoned ch....

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Madhulika Dash
Issue 03, 2019

Letters from Kitchens of the Yore

Culinary diversity is one of India’s treasures and community cookbooks, both old and new, list not just recipes, but also traditions and rituals. Th....

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Chitra Balasubramaniam
Issue 04, 2019
Ministry of External Affairs

Tribal Flavours

Traditional cuisines of India’s tribes are nutritious and balanced, and can be developed to reduce growing pressures on the environment. Sangeeta Kh....

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Sangeeta Khanna
Issue 05, 2019

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